Sweet Birthday Sms

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Some Sweet Birthday Sms Are Here For You:

When time comes for u to give your heart to someone, make sure you select someone who will never break your heart, because broken hearts has never spare parts. By sending this message not to offend you, but with a heart of caring.One last thing your gorgeous, and i think i can love you. Please respond and have a wonderful day.

May god bless you with
All you desire
All you love
All you dream
All you deserve
And a very happy life.
Happy birthday!

Bring to your mind the best of moments which we have shared together.
Bring to your face the best of smiles we had put while sharing silly jokes.
Bring to heart the best of emotions often shared between us.
Bring to eyes the best of joy we had while seeing each other.
Happy birthday!

While thinking for your birthday present,
I decided birthday cake will loose the taste,
Even the baloon wil deflate the birthday flower will wither too and a pretty will not last long,
But the birthday Wishes will keep multiplying each day.
So I decided to send you wishes this birthday.
Happy birthday!

Aapke life mein mithaas ho cadbury jaise
Rounak ho asian paints jaise
Mehak ho axe jaise
Tazgi ho colgate jaise
Aur tension-free rahe
Huggies jaise.
Happy birthday!

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