Love Sms Messages

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Some Best Love Sms Are Here For You:

First time i saw you,
I was scared to touch you,
First time i touched you,
I was scared to kiss you,
First time i kiss you i was scared to love you,
But now that i love you I am scared to lose you!

True love comes only one time with one person.
If it comes for the second time,
It is just a medicine to forget the first love.

Hum muskura kar sabko bhula rahe the,
Koi gum tha jise chupa rahe the,
Mahfil me the par dil ko tanha pa rahe the,
WO sayad aap hi the jo pal pal yaad aa rahe the. Miss you jaan!

You can live without the Person
Who says “You are mine”
But you can never live without someone
Who says “I am yours”
May you be blessed with one such person in Life!

Love means to see someone with closed eyes,
To miss someone in crowd,
To find someone in every thought,
To live for someone,
Love someone but to be sure
That someone is only one.

A loving smile is a heart of gold,
You are the dearest person this world can hold,
Though heart fails life departs,
You will live forever in my heart!

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