Love Sms Messages

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Love Sms Messages:



Love is strong yet delicate.

It can be broken.

To truly love is to understand this.

To be in love is to respect this.



Flowers open to see you.

Rains drop to touch you.

The sun rises to cherish you.

I am born to love you.



If flowers could express my heart,

I send you yellow flowers to always be with me ,

Pink tulips to bring happiness in my life,

Red flowers for always living in my life,

This bunch shows you are everything to me.


My passions are with you,

My dreams will come true,

You know how much I love you,

So I can’t part away from you.



If I could pull down the Rainbow,

I would write your name and,

Pull it back in the sky to let everyone,

Know how much colorful my life is with you.

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