Funny Birthday SMS

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A birthday is a special occasion which involves throwing up a party in which all the friends and family members participate to celebrate and enjoy. But in case if you are not able to come to the birthday party of your loved one, friend or family member you always have the option of sending a Funny Birthday sms. These Funny Birthday SMS will sure cheer the person on the other end.

Some of the funniest Funny Birthday SMS are:

  • Birthday Sms

    Birthday Sms

    Step by step the journey goes on,
    Little by little it may seem so long.
    Forget about your past, you can’t change it,
    Forget about your future, you can’t predict it.
    Just think about present, you can handle it.

    Cowgirl Birthday Party

    Cowgirl Birthday Party

    Enjoy presents every moment & be happy….

  • Its a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you; but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY”
  • In my past life, god said a gem is going to be born on (date) and i give u a boon that u get to be this beautiful gem’s friend…couldnt ask for anything more but thank the god for giving me a friend like u…happy birthday and don’t forget that someone somewhere is wishing for ur happiness on every fall
  • I’m so blessed 2 have a friend like u
    this comes with many loving
    thoughts & warm wishes
    i send 2 u, may ur day be filled
    with laughter, on this special day
    may the finest things in life
    always come ur way happy birthday
  • You can spend
    hundreds on birthdays,
    thousands on festivals,
    lakhs on weddings,
    but to celebrate
    all you have to spend is your TIME….
    Happy Birthday Dear!
  • Birthdays are good for you.
    Statistics show that the people
    who have the most live the longest.
  • A Birthday is A Million Moments, Each holding A Promise Of Fulfillment Of Your Dreams and Accomplishments of Sum Special Plans.. Wishing U A Very Happy Birthday.

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