Birthday Text Messeges

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Some Beautiful Birthday Text Message Are Here For You:

Why do we close our eyes when we sleep,
When we dream, when we kiss?
This is because the most precious thing in the
World is unseen. When I close my eyes I see you!
Happy birthday!

It’s a dedicated ceremony,
An aniversary, but not wedding.
The easy way to tell is
Its birthday.
Have a smile in all the way
And have a lovely birthday.

When you smile its like sunrise to me,
And I want daily sunrise in mylife,
So keep smiling and have a nice day!

Happy birthday to my beautiful
I’m so proud of you
Intelligence, responsibility, and beauty
You have finally made it through
Happy birthday to my beautiful.

You may officially be my boyfriend, but you are my best friend first!
And I wish you all the luck in the world.
Happy birthday!

I can’t put a price on our memories,
But I can make them better by adding a few more to the pile!
Happy birthday, love.

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