Birthday Sayings

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A Birthday celebration involves having a party and celebrating and enjoying with our friends, family members and loved ones. To make a birthday special for a birthday boy/ girl, there are several Birthday Sayings which you can use in this special occasion.

Some of the most famous timeless Birthday Sayings are:

  • Les Brown

“Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory.”

  • Anthony Robbins

“Live with passion.”

  • Samuel Smiles

“Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.”

  • George Patton

“Live for something rather than die for nothing.”

  • Henry J. Kaiser

“Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition – in having put forth the best within you.”

  • Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

“Live not one’s life as though one had a thousand years, but live each day as the last.”

  • Unknown Author

“Many people realize their hearts’ desires late in life. Continue learning, never stop striving and keep your curiosity sharp, and you will never become too old to appreciate life.”

  • Winston Churchill

“Never, never, never, never give up.”

  • Jonathan Swift

“May you live all the days of your life.”

Some other famous Birthday Sayings from around the world are:

  • Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your Birthday. You are a wonderful person. Have an amazing Birthday. Happy Birthday. When and where is the party?
  • The day is beautiful, but you make it special. May this wonderful day bring loads of fun and frolic in your journey of life. Happy Birthday.
  • The flowers smell sweeter today, and the birds sing merrier. They are all trying to wish you a great day, because it is a special day. May you have a wonderful year, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy and have a blast.
  • On this wonderful occasion, I wish to give you an important advice. Eat right, exercise right. Stay fit and healthy, but always remember you will die anyway. Just kidding, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

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