Birthday Messages for Mom

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Birthday Messages for Mom:



In the beginning, it was just me and you,

A heavy weight, that gave you the flu.

Could barely stand, yet went to work,

Even though, your boss was a jerk.



How could I ever, thank you enough?

Through your examples, I learned to be tough.

You taught me how to, stand up for myself,

Always place books, back onto the shelf.


Today we celebrate, an everyday miracle,

Forever cherished, in my hearts pinnacle.

Words cannot explain, how I feel,

My precious mother, my daffodil.



M – is for the million things she gives me.

O – means only that she’s soft to hold.

T – for the things she tries to teach me.

H – is for her heart of purest gold.

E – for her eyes with love light shining.

R – means right and right she’ll always be.

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